When traders or importers around the globe require the highest quality, most up-to-date, and most competitively priced premium and volume Aftermarket (AP) tractor parts or Original Equipment (OE), they have long turned to Agromerac. Today, our import and export wholesale trade of tractor parts covers industrial parts. With its vast experience gathered over the past 11 years, Agromerac continues to provide buyers with the highest standard of customer service by welcoming the challenge of new Non-Standard Service Requests (NSSR), sourcing parts in their original packaging and shipping them safely and efficiently all over the world.

As an independent company, Agromerac is well-placed to supply the most innovative AP brand products and excellent-quality OE parts for automotive applications at competitive export prices. All the while, we work tirelessly to develop and improve our range, prices and services. During the last Three years, we have significantly expanded our database, which now boasts 23 premium brands for our customers to choose from. Our ability to offer such an unmatched range of premium Aftermarket tractor parts and genuine tractor parts, combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction, has ensured that we have posted double-digit growth from the beginning of our activity.


Advantageous and technologically empowering tools, supported by our unbeatable service, give you the edge!
However, we intend to build on these existing strengths in the coming years, catering for the most specific needs of our clients and continuing our track record of growth.


At Agromerac, we keep right up to date with the dynamic, ever-changing global market – adapting the focus of our activities accordingly. Our sales team manages a lot of references to provide an A-to-Z full circle service, including quick and accurate quotes for our clients. Our ability to manage and analyse big data ensures effective business object (BO) management, resulting in the shortest possible delivery times at the lowest possible cost. The largest buyers and sellers are eager to present on our platform, and we welcome orders consisting of multiple brands. The company fully deserves its unparalleled reputation as an independent, professional and reliable partner for both our customers and our suppliers. Our experienced, committed and passionate staff have the industry know-how to ensure our customers receive the most reliable and cost-effective tractor parts they require. We work on consolidating our existing relationships, while also seeking out new local and international suppliers, to guarantee market-leading prices.


We respect the highest export standards with  *EUR1, EX1, T2L, T2LF, T1, ATR, *Certificate of Origin, Fumigation and any other certificate or documentation requirements being easily met by our experienced agents. Whether you need a single pallet, a 20 or 40 ft. container or even a full truck, we are able to provide quotations for land, maritime and airfreight shipment. We take every care to handle goods for clients accurately and professionally, and we have trusted relationships with all of the premium international forwarders and shippers. All this has enabled us to achieve a substantial decrease in our freight-cost ratio, a benefit we are glad to pass onto our customers.


Our Values

Respect, know-how and reliability are the foundations of our company. These values are shared among our co-workers on a daily basis and are the key to our success, credibility and customers’ and suppliers’ trust. We believe in “win-win” relationships, and it is with this purpose that we establish and develop efficient and strong co-operative connections. Moreover, we maintain a healthy balance between customers and suppliers available, and the territory covered while delivering our exports to all five continents.


Our Vision

We aim to develop into an automotive B2B wholesale trade industry leader, through ongoing learning and the improvement of skills of all team members who form Agromerac


Our Mission

At Agromerac, we work continuously to improve our net prices, to reduce delivery delays and to increase the percentage of serviced parts on all brands. In parallel, we aim to carry on improving our warehouse facilities and integrating high-end system data management technologies to offer you services of the highest possible standards. To effectively respond to the local, regional and world scenes, we develop and improve awareness of all our processes, methods, projects and purchase strategies.

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